95 James Babson '44
95 - James Babson '44
Title: 1995 Recipient

The 1995 Acta Non Verba Award is presented to Jim Babson ’44. Jim started his career in February 1942 as Seaman 1st class USNR when he reported to Ship's Company Great Lakes Naval Training Station. He transferred to Classified Mail Desk, Navy Department, Washington D.C. in April 1942 and remained there until he entered the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in April 1943. Jim graduated from Kings Point on November 24, 1944. He then sailed as 3rd Officer aboard the S.S. Luis Arguello until September 1945. From January 1946 to his retirement in 1977, Jim served as President of G. Babson Farm Company. He was also the owner and operator of the Yankee Traveler Motel and the Sentry Post Store and Executive Vice-President of the Babson Brothers Company.

Jim met his wife Jean at a regimental dance while at the Academy and was married two weeks after graduating. They have five children, Nick, Steve, Cindy, Henry, and Nina, and also nine grandchildren . A kid at heart, Jim's hobby is collecting toys and his favorite food is chicken. His memories of Kings Point include many friends, the Boardwalk Bowl, and standing for Tattoo. A humble man, when asked how he would like to be remembered Jim responded by "I will settle for just being remembered.” There's no doubt that Jim will be remembered as a model graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and as an example that all midshipmen can follow.

At the United States Merchant Marine Academy, we emphasize the development of leaders for our nation's defense and economy. Each year the Academy annually produces a diverse and talented senior class ready to accept the national defense and economic challenges that face our nation. Countless Academy graduates have become successful leaders, demonstrating the excellence of the Kings Point experience.

One such leader is Jim Babson. When Jim entered the Academy, he had already spent time in the Navy. Since graduating from the Academy, Jim has been a constant supporter of the Academy. Virtually every team and every aspect of athletics has been aided through Jim's generosity. A true leader is not simply someone who succeeds in his endeavors, but rather, he is a special individual who improves the lives of all those en route to his success. His dedication has helped to enrich the lives of our varsity athletes, and for that alone, we are  extremely grateful.

The Academy salutes Jim Babson for his continued support. We appreciate his loyalty and trust his example will encourage all of our alumni to participate in our various projects in the years to come.