The purpose of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (or SAAC) is to recognize the student-athlete in the fields of academics and athletics.
The student-athlete is at the heart of the athletic programs at U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and so this vehicle was created to allow student-athletes to talk about issues comfortably without fear of reprimand. Also, it was created to implement programs that will promote a positive image of intercollegiate athletics and the student-athlete.
We recognize that student-athletes are, to some extent, role model?s, and that they have some responsibility to the community; that is, to give something of themselves for the greater good. The committee is comprised of student-athletes so as to best reach and target the problems and needs of themselves and their peers in order to further the USMMA tradition of excellence in both academics and athletics. Some of the areas that are recognized for study include:
  1. Student-Athlete involvement and empowerment in decision making
  2. Student-Athlete/Coach relationships
  3. Student-Athlete Life
  4. Appreciation for diversity
  5. Giving back to the community
  6. Informational liaisons



The mission of the USMMA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee shall be consistent with the overall mission of the Academy and the Athletic Department. The student-athlete must be at the heart of the program.
We recognize that every student-athlete has goals that are fulfilled by personal academic and athletic success. The SAAC consists of student-athletes whose goal is to create an environment through which the concerns, questions, and ideas of student-athletes can be heard.
The members of the committee will act as a conduit through which athletes may be heard within the Athletics Department. The SAAC will also strive to examine and improve relations between the student-athlete, the campus at large and to provide service to the community. There must be a balance that assures that the student-athlete is provided the opportunity to attain these goals.
Faculty Advisor: Maegan Meritz, Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach