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09 VADM Joseph Stewart
VADM Joseph Stewart
Title: HOF Class of '09

During the 10 years (1999-2008) Vice Admiral Joseph D. Stewart served as USMMA Superintendent, he rarely missed a home game and hardly ever sat in the bleachers. His love for the midshipmen and contests kept him close to the sidelines making him truly the Mariners’ No. 1 fan. His positive outlook on life and winning attitude brought smiles to everyone he encountered, most especially the midshipmen. He was the first Superintendent to emphasize the importance of the physical pillar of a Kings Point education as he strongly believed in its ability to help the midshipmen grow both physically and mentally as leaders on and off the field. A true USMMA Athletics Hall of Famer, Admiral Stewart has returned home to O’Hara Hall where he will forever bleed Blue & Gray.