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Athletic Training

The purpose of the USMMA Athletic Training Department is to provide the best possible health care to prevent, evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate injuries sustained to those individuals participating in intercollegiate athletics at the United States Merchant Marine Academy. In the best interest of the midshipmen athletes, coordination and continued working relationship between the physicians and the Athletic Training Department will be maintained to insure the athlete's prompt return to regular competition.

Athletic Trainer's Role
An athletic trainer is a qualified allied health care professional educated and experienced in the management of health care problems associated with sports participation. In cooperation with physicians and other allied health care personnel, the athletic trainer functions as an integral member of the athletic health care team in secondary schools, colleges and universities, professional sports programs, sports medicine clinics and other athletic health care settings. The athletic trainer functions in cooperation with medical personnel, athletic administrators, coaches, and parents in the development and coordination of efficient and responsive athletic health care delivery systems.
  • Provides the most up to date medical coverage to all athletes.
  • Continues the winning tradition of USMMA Athletics by returning athletes to competition promptly and safely.
  • Provides health and injury education to the athlete in order to help them achieve a better understanding of their bodies and its' functions in performance.
  • Implements effective rehabilitation programs as per doctors orders.
  • Facilitates communication between the coaching staff and the Athletic Training Department through the use of coach's injury reports and meetings.
  • Improves communications between the Athletic Training Department, The Patten Clinic, and the consulting physicians.
  • Evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of all injuries.
  • Provides Treatment and First Aid to all injuries and wounds.
  • Provides prevention and functional athletic wrapping and strapping.
  • Consults regarding injuries, nutrition, exercise, and personal health issues.
  • Maintains records of all injuries and treatments.
  • Communicates between the athletes, coaches, parents, and physicians in regard to individual injuries and course of treatment.
  • Works with health care professionals in the community to maintain a high standard of care.
  • Provides medical coverage for all home NCAA athletic events, excluding waterfront sports.
  • Maintains a clean and efficient Athletic Training Room and equipment.

Dear Visiting Athletic Trainer:

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your team to the United States Merchant Marine Academy. We look forward to making your visit a pleasant and enjoyable one.
Indoor Contests: A fully equipped Athletic Training room is located on the lower level of O'Hara Hall. The visiting team's Athletic Trainer may only use modalities. If the visiting team is traveling without an Athletic Trainer, we are available to provide all pre-taping and treatments. Each team should bring their own taping supplies. Prior notification should be given by the visiting teams' athletic trainer in advance if the team is not traveling with an athletic trainer. Modalities will be administered only with written note from the ATC or MD.
Outdoor Contests: The outdoor Athletic Training room is located adjacent to both Roosevelt fields and the senior parking lot. As with the indoor contest if the team is traveling without an Athletic Trainer, our staff will be able to provide all pre-game taping and treatment. Prior notification should be given by the visiting teams' athletic trainer in advance if the team is not traveling with an athletic trainer. Taping will be performed ONLY if the visiting team supplies the tape.
Locker rooms: Each locker room is equipped with at least one treatment/taping table. Additional tables are located in the Athletic Training Rooms. If the visiting team is not traveling with an Athletic Trainer, and would like to get taped, they must report to one of the Athletic Training Rooms at least one hour prior to their contest. The USMMA's Athletic Training Staff will not go to the locker room for pre-game treatments or taping for visiting teams.
Supplies: Water, ice, and cups will be provided on the sideline. Emergency supplies can be obtained from the Athletic Trainer covering the event.
Ambulance Service: USMMA has a 24-hour EMT service on campus that will transport visiting athletes and coaches to North Shore University Hospital. Visiting spectators will be transported by Vigilant Ambulance Service (516-482-5000).
Hospital: North Shore University Hospital Emergency Room 516-562-4125:
Directions from Academy: Go out the main gate and down Steamboat Rd. all the way to Middle Neck Rd. Take a right at the light onto Middle Neck Rd. Go about a ¼ mile and take a left onto Hicks Lane. Stay on this for a few miles. Cross over Rte. 25-A (Northern Blvd.) and continue on Community Drive. North Shore University Hospital is on your left.
Orthopedic Physicians: An orthopedic doctor will be present at all home football games.
Once again, we welcome you to The United States Merchant Marine Academy. If you have any further questions or if we may assist you in any way please contact us.
The USMMA Athletic Training Staff